Watcha wearing there, slick?

Amy Roberts

I’m walking the thin line here. I’ll consider myself lucky if I avoid being pulled to the top of this hill we temporarily call home, followed by being catapulted into a neighboring county by opposers of what I’m about to put into writing.

I don’t care. I’m taking the plunge.

I’ve come to realize my shallow side (adoration of style) is balanced by my levelheaded love of writing. I’m a slacker. Too lazy to stick with the journalism major, I switched to apparel merchandising.

In the words of pretty boy Ashton Kutcher, “It’s all gravy, though.” I’m gonna have my cake and eat it too. I want to give the Hill a taste of style in a column.

Who the hell am I to judge what looks good? Quite frankly, I may not be qualified. (This brings me back to my fear of being stoned to death by people who think conformists created Abercrombie and Joan Rivers is Satan’s spawn.)

Don’t get your undies in a ruffle just yet. I think I own one thing from Abercrombie; I wear t-shirts to class. I’m more interested in what people are currently wearing, not necessarily what they should be.

In a bimonthly column, I’ll focus on what’s turning up in Bowling Green, across the country and why Army fatigues are busted as a fashion statement. That’s right, busted. Add that to your vocab. I throw it out more than Ozzy mumbles, “Shaaaaron!”

This shouldn’t be strictly a “chick” read either. Guys, I know what looks good on you. Don’t worry; I’d never expect you strong, intelligent, beer-drinking men to admit to reading this. That would place a fierce dent upon your manhood. If you choose to “occasionally” peek at this little read, I promise it’ll be our little secret.

Let’s focus on parties this week. Besides studying, it’s our favorite pastime. We show up to them like we were born to look just this good; guys and gals, chances are you put effort into your appearances.

Ladies, ditch the Bohemian hippy tops if you haven’t already. Unless they’re really 1974 vintage, they’re cheap mistakes that shouldn’t have happened last year. Match just about anything else with a mini skirt and you’ll keep heads turning. Also, dangly antique earrings can make a little black top fabulous.

Do you remember “Sixteen Candles” and “Pretty in Pink?” Classics. One thing that sticks out in my head are the guys in the movies wearing sports coats at parties. Fast-forward 20 years. If I see a guy Saturday night wearing a sport coat in casual settings, excluding formal rush parties, I’m gonna laugh, point and think, “Take your head out of your butt and loosen up.” (Yes, I have seen guys wearing this look here.)

I’m a sucker for a preppy boy, but collared shirts with turned up sleeves is as dressed up as you should go at night.

Kiddos, my best advice is clich?, but break out a good personality and confidence this weekend. Even if you’re wearing tight-rolled jeans – ah, memories – you’ll find good company.

Think Amy is right about sport coats and mini skirts, or does she need to give up her dreams of reviewing the stars on the red carpet with Joan Rivers? Drop her an e-mail at [email protected]