A thousand words beyond the Hill

Tyler Pelan

When Warren East High School lets out its students for the day, Nathan Pendelton (climbing), Carlos Hooper (swinging) and a group of their friends head to Barren River to take part in their daily ritual, the rope swing.

Just a short hike down an old beaten path you will find some boards nailed to a few trees, along with two ropes which are attached to large aged tree that hangs over the smooth, even-flowing river.

Fearless and willing to try almost anything they jump from the tall tree – which makes a high dive look like a cake walk – into the river.

After climbing the bank of river they swing from the top of the bank, jump off the swing and land almost in the middle of the river. If that isn’t enough of a rush then you can try it upside down.

“This is something we can do to kill time and keep us out of trouble,” Pendleton said.

Even though they mainly visit this area during the warmer months, every once in a while they will go out during a cooler time of the year.

Tyler Pelan is a junior photojournalism major from Champaign, IL. He can be reached at [email protected]