Parking changes go into effect

Kandace Sebastian

Students returning to the Hill this week are finding several changes from previous years, including additional spaces.

Randy Deere and Karl Laves, the co-chairs for the parking committee, said students should be able to see a change in the availability of spaces from last fall.

“There are more spaces available in Diddle lot because the spaces from construction are now available,” Laves said.

The second, third and fourth floors of the parking structure are for commuters with a “C” permit this year. Floors five, six and seven are for residential students with a “B” permit.

Some residents on campus who park in the structure are unhappy with the changes.

Greenville sophomore John Nathan parks in the structure and said he liked the structure last year when it was just for campus residents.

Residents should be able to move in the spaces when commuters leave, Nathan said.

Future plans include adding spaces around the Mass Media and Technology Hall and expanding the parking structure.

The lots between the Dow-ning University Center and Minton Hall will be made into a pedestrian walkway. A roadway will be made for cars to circle around Minton.

Parking spaces behind Min-ton will be added after construction. A roadway will be created that will connect Nor-mal Drive to the Minton lot.

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