Mind your mama, turn off the lights

If blackouts can hit four states at the same time in 2003, why can’t it happen at Western? That, at least, was the mentality when Western began urging students to start conserving power.

This isn’t anything new, students. You all have a mother, or somebody at home, who made you turn off the TV or water. The reason is the same at home as it is here – nobody likes paying high power bills. The possibility of a blackout hitting Kentucky and Western is probably remote, but it is still possible.

Everybody has been guilty of wasting a little power on campus. It’s hard not to in a dorm setting where everything is free. But considering recent woes to strike our brethren to the north, cutting back on our energy consumption isn’t all bad. It’s not hard to cut off your computers, TV sets or curling irons when you’re not using them. And if you see friends just acting all willy-nilly with the power, give them a jolt and a reminder.

Western facility management personnel have already said that if the power consumption is too overwhelming in the unrelenting heat, that it may consider shutting overactive buildings’ AC off. So what’s it going to be? Your Playstation or your air conditioning? You decide.

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 10-member board of student editors.