Supporting the Greek Village

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I am absolutely appalled by the blindness that our SGA President John Bradley demonstrated in writing and speaking about the proposed Greek Village. Instead of acknowledging the underlying motives behind the proposal, Bradley is merely taking a one-dimensional, superficial stance on this complex issue. To understand the issue, one only needs to ask two simple questions. What is the number one complaint of the student body? Not enough parking. Why were there a record number of no-shows for OAR this summer? Not enough housing. What will creating the Greek Village do? Alleviate both of these serious problems.

By proposing to help finance a Greek Village, President Ransdell and Dr. Gene Tice have shown great foresight. They realize the truth behind the common misnomer that Greek organizations have a vast amount of discretionary money. While some Greek members are affluent, the organizations themselves are not. Bradley should realize that on the whole Western’s Greek organizations cannot fund a project of this magnitude on their own. Western’s financial support is imperative to the success of the project. I am more surprised than angered by Bradley’s ignorance on this point per his previous Greek affiliation.

Western’s administration is attempting to create a win-win situation for the student body, Greek and independents alike. I could not think of a better solution. I only hope that the mentally ignorant and blind do not stand in the way of progress.

Brittney Long

Graduate Student

Bowling Green