Candidates for Governor of Kentucky

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I wonder if the students at Western Kentucky University are aware, that today there are four candidates for Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky?

I began to wonder this as I observed there was to be a “Democrat and Republican” forum, Thursday, October 9th, hosted by WKU and WBKO.

I being, a write in candidate for Governor of Kentucky, since Febuary, 2003, have been involved in many Governor Candidate Forums prior to the May Primary.

I now seem to be being shuned by the media since the may primary. Kentucky Education Telivision continually refers to “both candidates for Governor” and make reference to Mr.Chandler and Mr.Fletcher, as if they are the only candidates for Governor of Kentucky.

My web site address is;//

My electronic message address is [email protected].

I would like you and your readers to know that indeed at this time there are two writ in candidates for Governor.

You or any of your readers may contact me by electronic mail or write to Hillebrandt/Hillebrandt for Governor

3291 Upper Rader Road

Manchester Kentucky 40962.

I am Eastern Kentucky State Committee member of

TAKE BACK Kentucky,a life member of the Disabled American Veterans,and Vietnam Veterans.

State Director of the Brothers OF The Third Wheel International, and twenty three year member of the Americian Legion. Eastern Kentucky University 1981.

I highly reccomend your readers bring up Take Back Kentucky,KRBA Kentucky Right to bear arms, The Peasants Press,Continuity Of Government,and, to be enlightened.

I am retired from the United States Department of Justice,and will donate my salary as Governor to non profit organizations,We may lease out the Governor and the Lieutenant Governors’mansions,My wife and I do not need to live in a mansion,ride in limosines,and eat steak and lobster at your expense.

My Wife Margarita Nancy Hillebrandt, is running for Lieutenant Governor.

you may phone us at 606-598-1874

Jeffrey L. Hillebrandt

Write in

The Other Governor