No job? Join the Peace Corps

Abbey Brown

This is the last Herald ever, for me anyway. In my eyes, and my teachers can attest to this, that means my college career is complete.

It isn’t official until May 10 though. That is the day that I and about 1,300 other students will be slinking away from L.T. Smith Stadium after we walk across the stage and get a hearty handshake from President Gary Ransdell.

Where I go after that is up in the air.

At this point in time I have no plans for my life between graduation day and Jan. 26, 2004. But it isn’t that I haven’t tried to find gainful employment, because I have.

I sent out like 8,000 resumes and packets of writing examples. And I have a lot of experience, good work experience. I have worked for three daily newspapers. I’ve covered a range of stories, from homicides to a student riot. I’ll also do just about anything for a story – from sky diving to going to Guatemala.

his is the part of this column where I prostitute myself to anyone out there who would like to hire me.

But I’ve had no luck. There is one job that may still work out. Everyone can keep their fingers crossed for me if they want to.

If this last job doesn’t pan out I will be spending eight months back home in Indiana either waitressing, bartending or scanning groceries – none of which sound very appealing.

I didn’t spend three and a half years studying everything from astronomy to economics and thousands of dollars to say, “Do you need another beer sir?”

I know I’m not the only one in this predicament. The job market is very tight in not only the journalism world but other sectors as well.

But I do have an out. My salvation will come in January. If I don’t get a job right after graduation at least I won’t be living with my parents indefinitely. Its something they and I are both very happy about.

I’m not joining the army or circus. From the mouth of one of my former editors “I’m still in my hippie, liberal, save the world phase” and I’m joining the Peace Corps.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember, but didn’t seriously consider until my sophomore year of college.

And now it is for real. I will be leaving anytime after Jan. 26 and going to either Thailand or the Philippines for two and a half years. I will be creating a YMCA type of organization from the ground up by myself.

I’m excited but scared to death. The state of the world right now is frightening enough. But not only am I going somewhere that I don’t speak the language or know the culture, but I’ll be leaving my twin sister and parents.

But I have always wanted to change the world. I know it sounds very idealistic and juvenile but at least I will do a little something to improve one tiny part of the world.

It will also be an experience that will teach me more than any college professor or job could ever do. My perspective will forever be changed – I will see the world in a totally different way from the average college graduate.

So my advice to those who are graduating or will soon who don’t have a job: join the Peace Corps. You have the opportunity to do something to better yourself and many others.

Congratulations and good luck to my fellow graduates. Be safe and happy in all that you do.

Abbey Brown is a senior print journalism major from Vincennes, Ind. She graduates in nine days.