Woman arrested for indecent exposure

Abbey Brown

A Bowling Green woman was arrested for indecent exposure in Denes Field early yesterday morning.

Theresa Victoria Bager, 26, was arrested at 12:30 a.m. after the Bowling Green Police Department received a call that a woman was running around naked in the area of Morgantown and Russellville roads. They soon received another call saying the woman was running towards Western’s baseball field.

Campus police Officer Jeff Eversoll was the first officer to make contact with Bager. City police Officer Bill Stephens soon responded.

According to the report, Bager first told officers that she liked to run in the rain. She then attempted to run away from officers.

Media Relations Officer Tom Forte said Bager was behaving unusually. Forte said officers were unsure at the time if the woman was under the influence of any substances.

Bager made several statements concerning “Satan and Lucifer which made no sense,” according to the report.

Because she wasn’t wearing any clothes and officers don’t carry clothes in their patrol car, Bager was transported to Warren County Regional Jail naked. Eversoll transported her to the jail because Stevens had a police dog in the back of his patrol vehicle.

Bager is still being held in Warren County Regional Jail on three charges. There is a $2,500 bail for indecent exposure and $1,000 for assault in the fourth degree. She also been charged as mentally ill and a danger to herself or others. There is no bond set for this charge.

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