Students celebrate the big day in various ways

Stephanie Toone

After they walk the line May 10 many students will be celebrating their special days in more ways than one.

Nashville senior LaKecia Shockley said she has plans with family and friends to celebrate her graduation.

“Two nights before, me and my friends are getting together to reminisce about our college experience at Western,” Shockley said.

Shockley also said she is most excited about her family planning to throw her a graduation party. She said her whole family will gather to eat and just celebrate.

“Hopefully, I can get gifts and lots of money,” Shockley said.

Several businesses like Hooks Entertainment Co. will likely be a part of students party preparations.

Dean Frazier, office manager for Hooks Entertainment, said the main component of graduation parties are DJs.

“We have DJs and video shows for graduations,” Frazier said.

He said the video shows are popular because a big screen can be used to show videos and songs from the students’ college years.

Frazier said there are also games and interactive bungee runs for parties.

“Foam parties are real hot with college students,” he said.

Foam parties are parties that involve usually a group of people in a foamy pool.

But not all students are celebrating their graduation with a huge party.

Lydia Meadows, a senior from Chattanooga, Tenn., is taking time with her family to celebrate graduation instead of partying.

“We’re going to get together in Chattanooga and have a dinner get-together,” Meadows said.

She said she will have not time to do anything else, because she has a lot of work to do before graduation. She will be preparing to move to Houston to begin her theater career.

She said she would definitely party with her friends if she had the time.

Meadows said students shouldn’t get too caught up in the graduation celebration.

“Totally party, but be sure of what you have to do when you get done partying,” she said.

Adam Brege, a senior from Onaway, Mich., said he will have a dinner with his family. The biochemistry major said he will be happy that “it’s finally over.”

Shockley had advice for other graduates on how to celebrate graduation.

“Just sit back, relax and take it all in,” she said. “Enjoy graduation and think about what you had to do to get there and what you have ahead of you.”

Stephanie Toone at [email protected]