WBKO’s Coverage of the Katie Autry Story…

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I emailed this letter to the entire WKBO reporting staff, including News Editor John Preston this afternoon. My deepest concern goes out to Katie and her family.

Dear Mr. Preston,

I am deeply offended by your decision to run personal information about this young girl – information that you are obviously unsure has any connection to her brutal attack. When an 18-year-old girl, fresh out of high school, decides to strip as her part-time job, it is apparent to me that her decisions have been informed by the same bad media that would sell out a potentially death-bound child for the sake of exciting news (by rural standards), media without morals, without regard for the consequences of its actions.

WBKO sure got its scoop by staking out a strip club for the Pulitzer prize winning footage of the year: a few girls, scantily clad, outside of a small-town dive. You should be ashamed of yourself for your Inside Edition-style coverage of the horrific disfigurement and potential murder of a young girl.

You know perfectly well this information could have been provided if and when it became at all pertinent to Katie’s case.

I am a Bowling Green resident, a graduate of Western Kentucky University, an employee in this community and a concerned citizen. I do not know Katie Autry. But I hope sincerely that the further pain you have caused her and her family at this critical time satisfies whatever craving you had for a small-town scoop.

-Aubrey Videtto

Louisville, KY 846-4302

Graduate Student, WKU