Letters to the editor

The following letter is in response to Matt Bogard’s letter titled “Taxes an unfair burden,” which appeared in the April 22 edition of the Herald.

Complaining about taxes does no good

The machine that Mr. Bogard spoke of, the U.S. government, was established on “certain inalienable rights … among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

To aid American citizens, taxes have been set up in city, county, state and federal governments. The government officials who determine the use of said taxes are elected officials. They have been placed into power by the voters because our founders demanded no taxation without representation.

Therefore, you must put your vote to use and vote for a candidate who best represents your political views and opinions.

Do so in hopes that the candidate will increase funding in education for better sex education, law courses and chemistry classes, wherein students will learn the consequences of unsafe sex, crime and the use of toxic chemicals.

I also find it comforting that OSHA makes an effort to protect people who work with hazardous chemicals and to ensure that people must be licensed to operate heavy machinery, distribute alcohol and drive motor vehicles.

In response, no, I have not forgotten the gift of the Bill of Rights. I only learned from my educators that you must actively make the system work as opposed to standing by and complaining when it fails.

Michael Dirkes

Burlington senior

91.7 appreciates referendum support

The staff and students of WWHR-FM, Revolution 91.7, would like to take this opportunity to thank Western’s student body for its support in passing the referendum vote during SGA elections.

After the vote, many of you attended Revolution Mayhem. That concert was one way for us to immediately show our appreciation. More large-scale shows are on the way as we continue to grow and progress as a station.

Now, with your support, WWHR can take the next step in enhancing the way we entertain in this community. After all, we are a radio station, and that is what radio stations do.

It is our hope that Revolution 91.7 can become a recognizable force in all of south central Kentucky. You have made a major contribution toward helping us achieve that goal.

Now, relax and let us rock you like you have never been rocked before. Thank you so much!

The staff of Revolution 91.7