Club helps students prepare for advertising careers

Kristy Mason

Last weekend, students got a chance to get out of the classroom and head to Chicago. Once there, they toured advertising companies like Imagination Publishing and Leo Burnett.

These students were members of AdFed, or Advertising Federation, an organization for those interested in the advertising business. AdFed club members participate in several activities throughout the year to help them prepare for future advertising careers.

Professional-in-residence Kelley Coppinger, who helps advise the group, said AdFed hopes to help students by forming a network of advertising students, helping upperclassmen find job opportunities and applying the advertising skills students learn in the classroom on the group’s projects.

The organization is currently working on a campaign for the Toyota Matrix. They will present their campaign at the American Advertising Federation Competition on April 26 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

AdFed is run by students, with Coppinger and Advertising Coordinator Cliff Shaluta advising it.

Hatsville senior James Denham, an AdFed member, said he feels the group has helped him achieve his goals in many ways.

“It’s given me a good understanding of the advertising world,” he said.

Bowling Green senior Maggie Hilliard said AdFed will show students where they stand and whether or not they will make it as an advertiser.

“It’s really good for people who want to go into the advertising field,” Hilliard said. “You can get an insight of the occupation as a whole.”

This club also participates in community events.

AdFed entered its own Homecoming candidate last year and sponsored a demolition car bash fund raiser. Last Christmas, AdFed raised $300 to purchase toys for Bowling Green children.

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