Ray Harper should have been choosen as head coach

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Logan Walker



Ray Harper should have been choosen as men’s basketball coach.

Western recently announced a new head coach for the men’s basketball team. I thought that Western would get them someone who would get them over the hump in the NCAA tourney. It made sense to me that Ralph Willard would have gotten the job. Instead, in a move that had me thinking it was actually MLB commissioner Bud Selig who was our AD and not Wood Selig, Darrin Horn is announced as the new head coach. Instead of taking a proven winner who could get them over the hump, Western brings in an unproven coach. Now the obvious reason is that Horn would be much cheaper than a proven head coach like Willard. Horn will have success but don’t think he won’t bolt after some success. One man was overlooked the whole time. Kentucky Wesleyan College coach Ray Harper is one of the best coaches in the country. He was the fastest coach at any level to reach both 100 and 200 wins. The guy who used to hold the record for quickest to 100 wins isn’t a bad coach either, Syracuse’s Jim Boheim, fresh off a national title. Harper did get a call from Western, but it was to let him know he was in their second group of candidates. If Western ever called Harper again to offer him a job, I hope he looks down at his hand, sees all those national championship rings he has already and the few he will probably get in the next couple seasons, and tells Western where they can stick their job.