Letters to the editor

Capt. Hoofer will be missed

I began my career in law enforcement the same year that Captain Eugene Hoofer did in 1975. We worked together for 22 years until I retired as a Captain from the Western force in July 1997.

He was and still is my best friend. Eugene is the most honest, sincere and trustworthy person I have ever known.

His position as Captain will be filled, but Eugene can never be replaced. He is an example of a law enforcement officer who understands his role of being a public servant.

Those of us who know Eugene understand what a great loss the Western police force and the campus community will experience.

I wish Eugene the very best at whatever he chooses to do and salute him for his outstanding service.

Richard Kirby

Warren County Sheriffs’ Deputy

Woman’s story made student think

Last Monday night, I watched the most amazing story of a 22-year-old woman who overcame amazing obstacles.

She was homeless, the child of drug-addicted, HIV-positive parents, but finished high school in just two years. Not only that, but she won a $12,000 scholarship from the New York Times and went on to Harvard.

The movie of Liz Murray’s incredible story aired last Monday night on Lifetime. I don’t know how many of my fellow Western students saw it, but it’s definitely worth trying to catch in an encore.

As I watched the movie, I realized that I hear my classmates complain every day about how they have this homework due or they were up too late last night to go to class this morning. I am guilty of it myself.

Then I see this young woman, who is my age, who wanted to be in college so badly, who wanted the privilege of being able to go to school with a roof over her head.

I just wonder how many lives would be changed if Liz Murray were asked to speak at Western. I would definitely be there to listen.

She does public speaking engagements. Perhaps the Campus Activities Board needs to look into inviting her here.

She would be an incredible speaker and perhaps offer some insight into another kind of life.

Jennifer J. Kidd

Glasgow senior