Organizations receive Spirit Award

Adriane Hardin

Student Government Association is settling an old score.

SGA Congress awarded $10,000 to three organizations based on their performance in last year’s Campus Spirit Award competition after the groups were denied their money.

Omega Phi Alpha sorority received $5,000 for a first place finish. Phi Delta Theta fraternity received second place and was awarded $3,000. Kappa Delta sorority finished in third place and received $2,000. The Baptist Student Union earned a fourth place finish but received no monetary award.

Twelve organizations participated and received points based on attendance at athletic competitions, campus service and participation in various homecoming activities.

Sears said there was a “communication error” between last year’s SGA president Leslie Bedo and a major donor for the award, and as a result, the money was not rewarded to the organizations at the correct time.

Sears would not go into detail about the error.

“It was just a communication breakdown,” she said.

Sears said several organizations on campus expected to receive award budgeted monies.

“These people have been waiting for this money all year,” Sears said.

Laura Ressler, a senior from Evansville, Ind., and president of Omega Phi Alpha, said the members stopped waiting for the money after the fall semester.

“We had kind of forgotten about it and expected not to get it,” Ressler said.

Sears told congress that because SGA had the money to rectify the situation, they should make it right and win back the respect of the organizations.

“There is a lot of stuff we can do with that ($5,000),” Ressler said. “We are really thankful to SGA for doing that.”

Susan Hoehn, a junior from Mount Vernon, Ind., and president of Kappa Delta Sorority, didn’t have much to say about the award being late but said she was just happy the sorority received it.

“Our girls are really involved in a lot of things on campus, and it’s really an honor to be recognized with the Spirit Award,” she said. “Getting the Spirit Award is going to boost the morale of the girls … It will encourage the girls to stay involved.”

Herald reporter Shawntaye Hopkins contributed to this story.

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