Letters to the editor

Creators of The Outlet deserve credit

On April 8, an article in the Herald commemorated the one year anniversary of The Outlet. As an original worker at The Outlet, I felt that this was a great gesture by the Herald to provide support and acknowledgment for such an important program.

However, I believe that there were some people of great importance who were overlooked in the article.

The Outlet is a program that was developed by my good friend Aaron Conger to help celebrate the memory of our friend Ben Rose. As was explained previously, the purpose of The Outlet is to help provide support for the GLBT population on Western’s campus.

Aaron came up with this idea, and, with the help of Elaine Bushey, who was an assistant director at Keen Hall, they developed the proposals and the paperwork necessary to make this idea become a reality.

I do not wish to discredit the significance of what Heather Crawford has achieved, but I do feel that on the anniversary of such a significant program at Western, we should celebrate all of those who are responsible for the program.

I think that it speaks volumes for Western when a program that promotes such diversity on campus was actually initiated through the ideas and hard work of a student, and not through the usual faculty-initiated means.

Robert Hill

Rineyville senior

Coach Felton did great things at Western

On behalf of the students and faculty, I would like to commend and congratulate former men’s basketball head coach Dennis Felton on his highly successful career on the Hill.

While we are all sad to see Felton leave, we stand proud to see a former Hilltopper move on to bigger challenges.

The University of Georgia hit the jackpot when they chose Coach Felton. His coaching abilities are evident by the success of his teams year in and year out.

In the coming years, we expect to produce quality student athletes. We expect to move from a so-called “mid-major” to a consistent Top 25 program. We expect to win the Sun Belt and move past the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

I would like to thank Coach Felton for his services and wish him luck at Georgia. He will be successful, and I will root for him.

We all look forward to seeing Coach Felton again when he brings his Georgia Bulldogs to Diddle Arena next season.

Michael Vann

Frankfort junior