Programs to split Garrett, Gordon Wilson

Brandy Warren

Gather up the moving boxes and buy some more duct tape.

When the School of Journalism and Broadcasting moves into the new Mass Media and Technology Hall, a domino effect of programs relocating into its old space will follow.

The two buildings getting new tenants will be Garrett Center and Gordon Wilson Hall.

Provost Barbara Burch said the space that is currently occupied by the journalism program in Garrett is going to be distributed to the forensic team, the Talisman yearbook and the Herald.

The photo lab will be removed from the third floor of Garrett, said David Lee, dean of Potter College. That space will be given to the forensic team.

When journalism professors move out of their current offices in Garrett, the Talisman and Herald offices will be expanded into that space.

Lee said he is looking to find another space for the university choir to rehearse, and the area behind the stage in Garrett Ballroom is being considered.

The space occupied by the journalism computer lab is going to be reconfigured and used as a “comprehensive testing assessment center,” Burch said.

Beth Laves, assistant director of correspondence studies, said this will be a joint project between distance learning and the counseling and testing center.

“It will benefit students to have a place to take their online exams,” Laves said. “It will have longer hours than professors can get. (We’re) hoping to have weekend hours and night hours.”

Burch said it will be used as a testing center to serve distance learning and disabled students and a counseling center where people come to take Internet and CLEP tests.

There will be private spaces available for students with disabilities, Burch said.

The classes occupied by the journalism department on the third floor of Gordon Wilson Hall will be used by the theatre department.

Scott Stroot, theatre and dance department head, said the department is in desperate need of additional rehearsal space.

The new rooms in Gordon Wilson will help alleviate those needs, he said.

Stroot said the department will take two of the large classrooms and remove the middle wall to create an acting studio. Another classroom will be made into a smaller studio. He said the theatre classroom in the fine arts center, along with faculty offices, will be moved to the third floor of Gordon Wilson.

“One of the biggest problems we have right now is we have a lack of spaces to rehearse the productions we’re involved in,” Stroot said. “Right now, we’ve got students rehearsing late into the night. This will allow our students more flexibility when rehearsing and be a big benefit to us.”

The third floor space will also be used for a support area for theatre productions. Stroot said props, costumes and scenery will be stored on the floor, opening up more room on the first floor.

Stroot said he hopes the additional floor will allow space for a student lounge and more administrative support.

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