Bowling cheap, fun entertainment

Josh Coffman

For most college students, bowling is a cheap and fun way to escape the grueling litany of classes – whether or not they get a strike or a gutter ball.

Many students bowl off campus. Others, like Campbellsville freshman Dustin Reynolds, take bowling classes for academic credit.

Reynolds, who took the class last semester, said he liked it.

“It was pretty easy – and fun, too,” he said. “You pretty much show up and get an ‘A.'”

Many students spend their spare time picking up spares without taking a bowling class.

Louisville sophomore Christi Banas went to Southern Lanes Inc., located on Campbell Lane, last semester.

“I liked it,” she said. “I didn’t know there was a strategy. I just thought you rolled the ball down the middle.”

Not all students like bowling. Banas’ friend, Bowling Green sophomore Kelly Frericks, said she doesn’t like it at all.

“I hate bowling,” she said. “It makes me mad just thinking about it.”

Frericks said that her hatred of the sport stems from her “fat” fingers.

Where to bowl

Western students who want to get out and bowl have several options.

Bowling Green offers three spots for students to strap on some fancy shoes and let loose on the lanes: Crescent Bowl, located on Nashville Road; Red’z Recreation Center on the fourth floor of the Downing University Center; and Southern Lanes, located on Campbell Lane.

Manager Wanda Haynes said that Crescent Bowl caters to students. Western students get 75 cents off shoe rental, and persons under 21 receive a $125 scholarship for competing in a youth league, no matter how well they score.

“Students seem care free and happy,” she said. “We like a family-style environment. I know a lot of (students) are away from home. We just want to see them have fun.”

Student turn-outs are high at Crescent Bowl’s midnight sessions on Friday nights, Haynes said.

The lanes are open until 2 a.m. and cost $1.75 per game. Bowlers have the chance to win additional free games throughout the night.

Southern Lanes Inc. also offers a midnight bowling session, League Coordinator Karen Litten said. “Moonlight Bowling” happens Thursday and Friday nights, starting at 9 p.m. The cost is $15 per lane, per person, or $3.25 per game.

Students not wanting to leave campus can bowl at Red’z. Between 100 and 200 students bowl at Red’z each week, said Erin Davis, DUC’s evening event program coordinator.

Student promotions are abundant, such as bowling for $1 an hour during the “Wednesday Nights at Red’z.” Reduced rates are provided on many nights.

Money paid by students to bowl at Red’z goes toward DUC’s operation costs, Davis said.

A bowling league was started in March at DUC. The league will run through March and will end with an awards banquet in April.

Kristen Sand, a graduate student from Springfield, Tenn., organized the league.

“We’re trying to get people back upstairs, using the bowling alley,” she said. “We want to offer another opportunity for Western students and faculty.”

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