Board creates plan to promote events

Kandace Sebastian

The Downing University Center Activities Board is giving students the opportunity to be more active on campus.

In fall 2002, the board created the DUC program model, which promotes events focusing on leadership, social issues, health, career development, entertainment and diversity.

The DUC Board has partnered with Career Services, the health services department, dining services, Preston Center, and Housing and Residence Life to help organize events that increase students’ development.

Scott Taylor, Director of Student Activities and University Centers, said the board is committed to students’ development, which will be evident through the events scheduled within the program.

“The student center is the community center. This is where people eat, hang out and people meet,” Taylor said. “We’d like to think our efforts will make an impact by connecting students to different organizations and activities that are on campus.”

The DUC program model is a more structured way for board members to determine what improvements need to be made at DUC.

“We had programs, but we did not have an overall plan,” Taylor said. “We have formalized our efforts, and because of that we have committed to this model.”

Among the events planned under the model was International Night, a diversity event that was held Friday at the fourth floor of DUC.

About 100 people, from countries such as India, China, Korea, Thailand and Africa, joined in a night of international cuisine, music and dancing.

Erin Davis, DUC’s evening program coordinator, organizes Friday night events at DUC like International Night.

“The activities board is trying to adjust programs only geared toward the traditional student,” Davis said.

Katie Staples, DUC leadership and volunteerism coordinator, said she is in charge of organizing activities where Western students are volunteering in the community and assuming leadership roles.

One such event is Relay for Life, a marathon relay race held tomorrow to raise money for cancer patients.

The Board has scheduled many events at DUC, such as a career workshop, minority leadership symposium and an end of the year bash.

After the construction and renovation of DUC is completed, the board plans to partner with the music department and have students perform.

“I am really excited. Next year, we’re just going to grow this program,” Taylor said. “We want to make the Downing Center better than ever.”

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