Letters to the editor

This letter is in response to the death of Western student Zac Carroll on April 27, 2002.

Carroll family appreciated Western’s support

As we reflect on Zac’s life, we feel very blessed for the 20 years the Lord gave us with him.

Most of you had left for summer break by the time we were coherent of the cards, flowers, visits and donations you so caringly rained upon our family. It brought to us great comfort to know that Zac had the the treasure of so many relationships at Western.

To the faculty, staff and Dr. Ransdell: The letters you wrote about Zac were truly an honor to him. In addition, thank you to those professors who supported Josh after the loss of his brother.

To the Herald: The articles you printed about Zac were so commendable. In particular, our family would like to acknowledge the professionalism J. Michael Moore demonstrated during our conversations. His ability to cover the story accurately was as if he had lived in our home.

To the Greek community: Your support as brothers and sisters made us realize once again the importance of the Greek network. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon will remain most tender in our hearts. You made many things happen for Zac (some we prefer not to think about!) that truly molded his life. Each of you responded as “true gentlemen” at the funeral. I’m sure Zac was smiling down on you.

Thanks again to all of you for being there for our family and for being a part of Zac’s life.

We pray you live life to the fullest, just as Zac did.

Jamie, Dave, Josh and Daniel Carroll

Bowling Green

Peace at what cost?

During my lifetime, I have had the opportunity to serve my country and experience a wide variety of cultures.

As a veteran, I am proud to defend your freedom to protest your government policies. But when you protest, please remember the lasting effects on our nation, on the peoples of the country we are at war with, and most notably, the returning veterans who nearly gave their lives in the war.

Answer these questions before continuing your protest.

If your protest changes government direction and the war stops, will the people of the opposing nation have more opportunities for better nutrition, education and other freedoms that we take for granted?

Will their women and minorities receive equal rights?

Will world peace be better served? Will terrorism decrease or increase?

Will the parents that lost a son or daughter feel that their child died in vain?

Will Islam, Christianity or any other religion be better served?

What reprisals will the opposing leadership place on its people that surrendered or aided our military forces?

Will America be seen differently to the world if we stop the war?

Will your protests give terrorists a window of opportunity by distracting the police in your community?

I admire those who stand up for their beliefs, but I believe it is more important to support the troops and work on contributing to the rebuilding of Iraq.

Besides, if you really want to protest our government, then you can demonstrate our most influential right and freedom: Vote!

Jeff Thomas

Russellville senior

Students made Felton proud

Never have I been more proud to be a Hilltopper than I was during the Sun Belt Conference tournament.

I have coached in the majority of the most reputable college arenas in the country during my career, and I have never witnessed a better atmosphere than what Western students brought to Diddle Arena last month.

You definitely brought “March Madness” to Bowling Green. Not only did you help us win our third consecutive Sun Belt tournament championship (a conference first), but you showed the nation how much fun we have with college basketball around here.

Heck. You even inspired ESPN to work our “wall of students” into a half dozen March Madness promos.

When we made the effort to bring the tournament to the Hill, we did it with the anticipation that you guys would, in full force, show this league how to turn a basketball tournament into a party.

Well, you certainly didn’t let us down!

Thank you very much. It was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

Just one more thing.

Why not let this year’s tournament be just the beginning?

The show that you guys put on was just as important as the show we put on out on the court.

So, let’s get together and have these blowout parties in Diddle every game next year.

After all, we do have the nation’s longest home court winning streak to protect. We are counting on you!

Dennis Felton

Men’s basketball head coach