Letter to the editor

I, tax, am the fuel for a mighty machine, the collected piecework of tyrants and opportunists. A machine that is meant to replace the works of free men, as they toil in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

As a result…

Where there could be education there are recreation, social approbation, procreation and a government monopoly on education.

Where there could be safety, precaution and care there are OSHA, CAFE’s and a government that determines what risks are fair.

Where there could be employment, equal opportunity and job satisfaction there are licenses, minimum wages, labor laws, discrimination and affirmative action.

Where we could own our own bodies and there could be a cure there are organ shortages and the FDA and its drug approval procedure.

Where there could be peaceful neighborhoods, respectful vocations and legitimate children playing, there are criminals, crime, a government’s war on drugs and drive-by slaying.

Where there could be property, prices, wealth and conservation there are the EPA, environmental laws and poverty for a future generation.

Where there could be family, morals, values and stability there are false security, subsidized birth control, sex education and illegitimacy.

Where there could be liberty and freedom there is I, the tax.

I am the ax our founders knew tyrants would wield. Have we forgotten they gave us a Constitution with a Bill of Rights to serve as a shield?

Or has their revolution been silently repealed?

Matt Bogard

Bowling Green graduate student