Crime reports


•Jeremy M. Greenslade, Memphis, Tenn., was charged Saturday with driving under the influence, disregarding a traffic control device and failure to wear a seat belt. He was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on a $750 cash bond.

•Elizabeth Anne Luysong, Chippendale Court, was charged Saturday with alcohol intoxication. She was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on time served.


•Miriam Hoots, Maria Drive, reported Wednesday that a billfold worth $5 was taken from her purse that she left in the adjunct faculty office at South Campus. The billfold contained $205 in cash and a number of identification and credit cards. She said $301.97 was charged to her credit cards before she could cancel them.

•Brooke Palmer, McLean Hall, reported Wednesday that someone stole her ATM card and credit card from her wallet and took $1,006 out of her account.

•Emily L. Walker, Meredith Hall, reported Thursday the driver’s side mirror broken on her 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix parked in the Pearce-Ford lot. Damage totaled $200.

•Rodney Holt, Housing and Residence Life, reported Thursday $300 in tools and a tool bag stolen from the fourth floor mechanical room of Pearce-Ford Tower.

•Elizabeth R. Griffin, College Heights Herald, reported Thursday her boom box worth $50 and a framed cross stitch piece stolen from the Herald office.

•Jonathan W. Peppers, Keen Hall, reported Friday the passenger’s side rear window broken on his 1993 Plymouth Acclaim parked in the Poland lot. Damage totaled $75.

•Melissa A. Shields, PFT, reported Friday the driver’s side mirror broken off her 1999 Ford Escort parked in the Pearce-Ford lot. Damage totaled $200.

•Rachel A. Buncher, PFT, reported Saturday two purses stolen from her dorm room. The purses were later discovered in PFT, but $30 and her Western identification card were missing.

•Carly D. Smith, Shive Lane, reported Saturday that an ex-boyfriend assaulted her while she was visiting a friend in Keen. She said he refused to let her leave the room after a verbal confrontation, and he grabbed her right forearm squeezing it so hard it left a large bruise.

•Sean W. Pugh, Keen, reported Sunday the rear window of her 1999 Chrysler Lebaron broken by a baseball from Western’s baseball field. Damage was $200.

•Evan J. Heimgartner, Brownsville, reported Friday a CD case worth $20 and 60 CDs worth $900 stolen from his 1999 Pontiac Sunfire parked in the Capitol lot. He also reported the driver’s side rear window broken and driver’s side rear quarter panel scratched and dented. Damage totaled $250.