SGA brings year to end

Adriane Hardin

No more Tuesday night committee meetings, and no more debating legislation for hours on end.

Student Government Association held its last meeting of the year on Tuesday, April 22.

SGA President Jamie Sears said the last year has had its ups and downs.

She said she considered the student rally in Frankfort to be one of SGA’s greatest accomplishments. About 20 Western students traveled to Frankfort to oppose state budget cuts to higher education.

“That was a great feeling seeing students from everywhere rallying for the same cause,” Sears said.

SGA also passed the first student referendum in history with the Revolution 91.7 student fee legislation. The referendum was on the ballot of this year’s spring election and was passed by students. The Board of Regents will have a final vote on the legislation at its quarterly meeting on May 9.

SGA members also heard and debated over 55 pieces of legislation.

Campus improvements committee chair and vice president-elect of Finance Nick Todd said SGA’s greatest accomplishment was the ability of the members to work together to accomplish common goals.

The campus improvements committee passed several pieces of legislation this semester, including the resolution that earmarked funds for several new benches across campus.

“Students are really going to benefit from the new furniture that we have purchased,” Sears said.

President-elect John Bradley served as executive vice president this year and said he felt the high voter turnout in this year’s SGA elections was a great accomplishment.

“The election turnout being what it was – that had to be the best thing that happened to student government this semester,” Bradley said.

Bradley and other members of next year’s cabinet are already looking to the future.

Bradley said the body will work next year to overcome SGA’s greatest obstacle: student apathy.

“We have a plan for next year to engage students in a much more efficient manner,” Bradley said.

Bradley said SGA executive council will begin working in the fall to develop an ad hoc committee on housing and amend its own by-laws.

Bradley said SGA will also work to make members of the executive cabinet more accountable for their job responsibilities.

Sears said she believes that the executive cabinet should set goals that it feels passionately about.

“It is only then that you feel compelled to work toward them,” Sears said. “And the group is so great and insightful that they will no doubt set great goals.”

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