Lockhart seeking executive vice-president position

Adriane Hardin

Political glory, resum? buffers and personal ambition are at the bottom of Dana Lockhart’s agenda.

Lockhart, a junior from Hendersonville, Tenn., is vying for the office of executive vice president of Student Government Association.

Lockhart will be listed on the ballot as a one-man show, but right now he is busy campaigning with fellow SGA candidates Jessica Martin, who is running for vice president of administration, and John Bradley who is the only candidate in the presidential race.

“I believe that we have an opportunity to select an executive cabinet that will truly live up to its potential,” Lockhart said.

He said, if elected, he will continue to work toward actively recruiting students for SGA.

“I want to work to make SGA an atmosphere where all students feel comfortable going to address issues of concern,” Lockhart said. “I want to make SGA something they want to be a part of and are proud to be a part of.”

The duties of executive vice president include being a student representative on the Student Life Foundation. Lockhart said if elected, it will be his goal to ensure that renovations of Keen Hall and Pearce-Ford Tower happen on schedule.

He said he will also work to establish a clear campus alcohol policy, address the parking issue and look into the compensation and recruitment for Western’s resident assistants.

This is Lockhart’s fifth semester in SGA. He was a member of Congress for three semesters, a judicial council justice and now serves as SGA Parliamentarian.

“I want to put my experience to good use,” Lockhart said. “Personalities aren’t important when you’re dealing with things that affect the entire student body.”

He has also served on several SGA committees including Student Affairs, Academic Affairs and was also vice chair of the Legislative Research Committee. In addition he has also served on University Senate as SGA’s student representative.

Lockhart is a a resident assistant in Pearce-Ford Tower, president of the German Club, member of Delta Phi Alpha German honors fraternity and vice president of finance in Residence Staff Association.

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