Letters to the editor

Sun Belt parking plan crosses the line

First, I am proud our basketball teams are in the Sun Belt Tournament.

Second, I know that Western is hosting the Sun Belt to show off the newly renovated Diddle Arena.

But the thing that really (ticks) me off is the parking situation. I know that people coming to the games need somewhere to park. I even agree with giving them the parking in Diddle.

But you have crossed the line when students will not be allowed to park in the structure. That is the main parking area for “B” permits.

Campus officials said we could park down Kentucky Street and in the parking lot off Campbell Lane, and they’ll run the shuttle back to campus. Well isn’t that just peachy?

Why should I, a student who lives on campus and pays $65 for a parking pass and between $6,000 and $8,000 for tuition, have to park somewhere else?

I think that the people only paying $50 and who are only here for the games should park off Campbell Lane and ride the shuttle.

Western didn’t even consider that most women work off campus and come back to campus after it is dark, which means that a woman has to walk by herself from her car to her dorm in the dark.

Now explain to me how this is safe. I thought we were trying to avoid things like this on campus.

Where do Western’s loyalties lie? The answer is definitely not with students who attend class and park on the Hill everyday.

Alisha Brewer

Whitley City junior

Another proposal for Sun Belt parking

I tolerated the closing of the parking lot at Diddle during construction, and I kept silent as tuition increased for athletics. But I’ve finally had enough.

This is the third strike, Western, and I’m not holding back.

You have made the point yet again where your priorities lie: in athletics. It is widely known that the success/failure ratio is a little bit better for academics than athletics, but you continue to jeopardize academics for the success of athletics.

The Sun Belt Tournament is the last straw. You’re selling parking that is already sold, and you’re selling out on your previous contracts.

Permits that were issued in August 2002 have expiration dates of August 2003. Nowhere does it say that it is August 2002 until the Sun Belt Championship and then until August 2003. It’s a contract that you signed with the students, faculty and staff of this university.

The case would be quite different if the parking spaces were free for visitors or remained on a first-come, first-served basis. But you are making double money on these spaces, and I guess you think we are too dumb to figure it out.

Here’s my proposal.

If you don’t give back our parking, how would you like a student-led rebellion in which all students begin parking on President Ransdell’s front yard during the Sun Belt Tournament? How would Western handle that mess? And what would your 7,000 guests think about that?

It’s an unfair situation, and you know it. It’s time Western got its priorities in order.

Maggie Scott

Bowling Green senior