What else? Parking!

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There must be a parking conspriacy! Captain WALLACE and his minions are ethically challanged, like a lawyer or journalist.

I never got a ticket on campus untill recently. I always park in the SKYPACK lot to avoid the parasites that penalize students that, in reality, do not have twenty dollars these days, thanks to a market that has experienced more downers than Robert Downy Jr. ever could. I could not avoid them this time.

Well, I got ticketed for not parking in front of a concreate block as two signs, located in at the entrances of the parking instructed motorists to do. Actually I did park in front of a concrete block but since I was on the other side of it and a car occupied that spot, I was in the wrong. One block one car. Whatever.

Anyway, before I payed my citation. I went to the parking registration office, which looks like a modernized cave, to talk to Captain Wallace about my concerns. He spouted a bunch of nonsense even after I suggested that the location of the parking signs basically suck and could ultimately be dangerous if some honest human being actually stops to read them before he or she enters a potential penalty. I even recommended that the parking lot be divided into four quadrants where four signs could be placed so excuse could not be possible.

But who really listens to a college student.

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