Martin hopes to increase awareness

Adriane Hardin

A desire to serve students is what prompted Bulan sophomore Jessica Martin to run for Student Government Association’s vice president of Administration.

“It’s not about ambition, not about a resume,” Martin said. “It’s about serving the students.”

Martin, who has been in SGA four semesters, said the office of vice president of Administration is often underrated. The position’s duties include keeping minutes and taking roll at all SGA meetings.

As a member of the executive council, Martin hopes to make students more aware of campus issues.

“Students are the least informed group on campus,” Martin said. “SGA needs to inform them.”

Martin also wants to encourage student involvement and concern in student government through SGA’s ambassador program, a recruitment tool to encourage others to join SGA and to get input from students.

The ambassador program has received little attention from SGA, and Martin hopes to work closely with Abbey Lovan, a Jeffersonville, Ind., sophomore who is vying for the office of vice president of Public Relations, to help nurture the program.

Martin serves as chair of the academic affairs committee and is an active member of the student affairs committee. Her past SGA committee involvements include public relations committee and legislative research committee. She also served as vice chair of the constitutional review committee.

She has also served as SGA’s representative on the NCAA steering committee, university complaints committee, Downing University Center leadership development committee and student publications committee.

Martin also authored several pieces of legislation and worked for the dismissal of the seven digit phone codes that were assigned to residence hall phones last year.

She is a member of Residence Staff Association, Hill Raisers, Residence Hall Association and serves as a resident assistant in Northeast Hall.

Her opponent in the race is Shawn Peavie, a Monticello sophomore.

Online polling for SGA elections will begin April 2 and polls will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on April 3. Students may vote by logging onto

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