SGA elections

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It is clearly campaign season again at Western. It seems that every year we hear from SGA candidates making huge promises during the election and delivering nothing afterward. I suppose we can all expect to spend the rest of our voting-eligible lives being mislead by politicians. I just do not understand why it has to start in SGA. As a former student secretary in the SGA office and a former Congress member, I was quite shocked to learn that Patti Johnson was running for the Executive Vice-President position in SGA. I was shocked because, while I think Patti is a nice person, I could not think of anything for her to run on. Patti’s primary activity in SGA has been spending students money on PR initiates. Over the past year these initiatives boil down to this; buying suggestion boxes for a couple of halls, buying index cards for the suggestion boxes, and buying plastic holders for the index cards to go on the boxes. It is easy to spend chunks of a $95,000 budget and that is all she has accomplished in an entire year. She has yet to commit the time to seek solutions to any major problems facing students. Based on her campaign last year, I fully expect Patti to come up with creative things to ‘run on’ this year.Why hasn’t Patti worked on her ideas before the elections? What has she done in SGA to improve life at Western? Why does she have the time to campaign for executive office but not to serve on University committees? How will her ‘goals’ become reality after the election? These are questions that I believed need to be raised before the elections on April 2nd and 3rd. The next time SGA candidates gets up to tell you what they will do, try asking them what they have done. Maybe by electing those who have been working hard in SGA all along we can get a better SGA next year.

April Lash



Adairville KY