Letters to the editor

Sharpton: one good radical deserves another

Since Dr. Ardrey of the government department at Western thought it was a good idea to invite the Rev. Al Sharpton to speak at Western, I would like for her to also invite Twana Brawley.

Now that Sharpton is running for the Democratic nomination for president, Brawley should be his running mate, since she helped make him famous.

For those who don’t recognize her name, she is the one who claimed policemen and a judge raped her and placed her in a garbage bag in New York City several years ago. Sharpton took up her cause and they made national headlines.

After a complete investigation, the story was found to be untrue. Brawley’s case was thrown out of court when the judge found it to be not credible. Sharpton and two other men who advised Brawley were found guilty of defaming Steven Pagones, then a local prosecutor and one of the men Brawley accused of raping her.

Sharpton was recently in Louisville, protesting the police shooting of a man in a stolen vehicle who tried to run over a policeman. Since the man was black and the policemen were white, this made the police wrong in Sharpton’s way of thinking.

To be fair and have a balance of radicals, Dr. Ardrey should invite David Duke of Louisiana, the former KKK Grand Dragon and presidential candidate, to speak at Western.

One good radical deserves another, don’t you think?

Auston McCay

Bowling Green alumnus

Protesters’ anger misdirected

George Orwell said, “People sleep peacefully in their beds only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

Never has that been more true than today.

There are still bullies in certain parts of our world where negotiation means nothing. If actions are what these bullies require for understanding, then why not send our “cowboys” and give them all the action we can?

War protesters convey that our cowboy President George W. Bush is as evil as Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. They believed that by protesting war, they were making the people of Iraq much safer. I’m sure Saddam gave a prisoner one less lash because of their efforts.

If you really want to change the world, put down your bongs and volunteer for a worthy cause. Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Red Cross or the Salvation Army could use your energies. These organizations make lives better every day.

Terrorist supporters … believe our leaders should be passive with evil men like bin Laden and Saddam, who are determined to destroy our nation.

When more airplanes are hijacked and rammed into buildings, we can stand on street corners with candles and signs that read “Peace.”

When bombs are destroying our busses and bridges, we can march in the streets and shout “Peace.”

When Iraq-backed terrorists finally acquire nuclear bombs and detonate them on our soil, then we’ll truly be at peace, won’t we?

Jonathan McCay

Bowling Green alumnus

Sun Belt parking a bad idea

I live in Northeast Hall and park in the structure. I believe that hosting the Sun Belt Conference Tournament is a very bad idea.

We are not ready to show off our campus to anyone. Parking is bad enough already without inviting other colleges to come here to play.

I feel like I am mistreated. I pay all this money to come here and I get kicked out of my parking just because of a basketball game. That is so wrong.

For people like me, who leave everyday to go to work, it is a very big inconvenience. It’s a different story for the students who don’t move their cars for days or weeks.

For one week, I would like all the administration to park off campus, where most students have to park, and let them walk to work and see how they enjoy the inconvenience.

John Rowley

Sturgis sophomore