Funding for WWHR

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Apparently a large number of college students and administrators feel we should be socialists. Yes, the great flagship of capitalism and self-reliance, the good-old USA is full of people that think government should pay for everything. WWHR should stop whining about the $7000 it receives and give thanks that it receives anything at all. WKU funds several broadcasting stations (4, I think) and this is enough. There is no need to raise student fees for WWHR. However, if the University agrees to do this it should require students elect to opt-in, rather than opt-out later. Requiring students to ask for a refund is unethical at best and will create additional expenses and accounting headaches. This strategy is obviously built on the premise that once paid, few will bother to ask for a refund. Students are not required to pay for parking up-front and then ask for a refund if they don’t park on campus.

Bob Bell

CS Sophomore

376 Pascoe Blvd

Bowling Green, KY