Sharpton Wrong: Dean Right

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As a WKU alumnus, I was pleased to read that a national figure such as Al Sharpton was schuled to visit our campus. While Sharptons career has been little more than a string of political mistakes, he is a national figure and his appearance would have been a substantial boost for Western. It was a shame to see that Sharpton found time spent in Bowling Green as politically wasteful. To those who support the policies of Al Sharpton, I see another contender in the Democratic race who makes Sharpton look petty and the rest of the field behind the eight ball.

Governor Howard Dean of Vermont has shown the courage, common sense and the personality to mount a serious race against the current simpleton in the White House. Dean is quite liberal on most social issues, but displays a refreshing streak of common sense regarding fiscal discipline. I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Dean last Wednesday (The governor is an accredited cardiothorassic surgeon), and this man clearly is the one who can topple the Bush oligarchy and return common sense to our goverment.

Sharpton is a man with many answers, but few ideas. I challange those decision makers at Western to bring governor Dean to Bowling Green. For once, perhaps a real leader will stand up.


Rick Malek

Class of 97′