Networking provides connections that could lead to job

Laura Hagan

Getting a job isn’t always about the old cliche of knowing the right people.

But it never hurts to have a few connections.

Students are finding ways to connect to people involved in their field. These connections may result in a better path to their first career or in a job.

With guidance or on their own, students can meet someone who can help them find a job. Whether their inside source is a family member, a friend or just an acquaintance, networking helps students find jobs or internships.

Judy Owen, director of Western’s Career Services Center, said the job fair that will be held tomorrow is a great networking possibility.

“For students without jobs, it is a good time to build relationships with recruiters,” Owen said.

While a job may not be immediately available, the student will meet someone he could possibly contact later with questions when looking for internships or full-time positions.

“When you know someone, you are made aware quickly of open jobs. You would have a better chance,” Owen said. “Don’t discount contacts.”

Although the job fair only comes twice a year, there are several other ways students can network throughout the year.

The Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce holds several opportunities for business people to meet each other outside of the every day business setting. These opportunities include coffee hours, banquets and newsletters.

Tonya Matthews, director of community development for the Chamber of Commerce, said anyone can participate in the events.

“Students can always attend as guests, and it is a good way to get an internship,” Matthews said.

There are also several networking opportunities available through departmental organizations on campus.

Reed Vesey, coordinator of Student Services for the Gordon Ford College of Business and adviser of Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity, said the organization does several service projects every year.

Vesey said these projects can give students an opportunity to meet people who could either offer them a job or introduce them to someone that can.

“Anytime you put yourself with people at a professional level, it can’t hurt,” Vesey said.

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