Sunbelt Officials:Glad you’re gone

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First of all, I want to congragulate the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams for their wonderful season. Next, I want to say that I am glad that the sunbelt officials have decided to leave. Our fans were treated horribly, our coaches mistreated, our mascot was thrown out of the game.

I was told by a few of the sunbelt “bullies” that my signs would have to be handed over to them, because the sunbelt thought they were in bad taste. Saying that we’re going to the A-10 conference is not in bad taste, but the last time I checked, there is such a thing in place as freedom of speech. Students were thrown out of games—some escorted out by the campus police—which were gutless in my opinion, supposedly for making the officials mad.

The straw that broke the camels back, was that instead of having WKU’s red and white balloons fall at the end of the game, it was mtsu’s colors. The sunbelt once again tried to make some lame excuse, such as, this is the official colors of the sunbelt. I just looked at the official sunbelt page and their colors are yellow and black.

If the sunbelt wants to run the tourney like a little league baseball game, then I for one, would rather them turn it over to WKU.