Revised Copy of “1st in line”

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Dear editor,

For the championship games on Tuesday my friends and I arrived at Diddle for the girls game at 2 P.M. After watching our women’s team win the Sun Belt Conference Championship game, we immediately left and began standing outside for the boys game. We were the first ones in front of the door. We waited outside for 2 hours until the doors opened. When we finally were let in we ran up the stairs to get front row seats. To our surprise there were 3 girls already sitting on the front row where we wanted to sit. Were they stading in line outside for 2 hours? NO!!!! They claimed they were in the hospitality room before the game because one of them is “dating” President Ransdell’s son. This is ridiculous!!! Everyone should get a fair and equal chance of getting front row seats. The line was wrapped around Diddle Arena. Every other student had to wait in line for their seats so why didn’t these girls have to? These girls didn’t even stay for the awards ceremony and probably haven’t been to a game all season. I doubt they were even at the girls game. If Western wanted to be unbiased about the tournnment they should have been unbiased about who they let into the game first.

Jacqulyn Lyles


Marshall County, KY