Creative, inexpensive gifts for that special someone

Jocelyn Robinson

For students who have little or no money to spare, gift ideas for that special someone on Valentine’s Day can be quite a dilemma.

But there are several inexpensive ways for students to show they care.

Several Internet sites recommend buying gifts at places such as the Dollar General Store, where students can walk out with a card, chocolates and other items for under $10.

For those who want to express their love with flowers, Kroger typically offers bouquets of flowers for a price ranging from $7 to $20.

While spending money can show love for that special someone, many students said that handmade gifts are just as thoughtful.

Handmade gifts are usually treasured forever by those who receive them.

“A boy made me a gift in grade school, and I still have it to this day,” said Bowling Green freshman Sarah Jones. “You can buy anything, but when you make it, it means more.”

Cooking is another creative way for couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I’ll probably cook us something at my house,” said Edgewood senior Jessie Farley. “For our anniversary, I made lasagna, and that was pretty good.”

Other cheap, creative gift ideas include handmade cards and original poems.

A creative and original gift is usually better, said Matt Morgan, a senior from Seattle, Wash.

“I had a friend who would write songs for his girlfriend,” Morgan said.

But for most students, Valentine’s Day isn’t really about the gifts.

“It’s about being with the person, not about getting a big present,” Farley said. “We’ll spend time together and relax away from everything else.”

Spending time with someone can be as simple as just going for a walk, Morgan said.

“It’s a good chance to be romantic and express your feelings for someone,” he said. “You can make it a real nice holiday and take a break from routine.”

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