Eight years later, “The Rules” are still around for some

Megan Engle

Cupid seems to always be hot and heavy this time of year.? No matter how independent a woman may be, he’s always flying around pestering or flirting. There’s always that little arrow that may have pierced her heart, leaving her wanting a relationship, especially around V-Day.

But finding that certain relationship is the kicker.?He needs to be perfect from the inside and out, complimenting all of the woman’s high standards.

But “perfect” may be so far off, she can’t even get a glimpse of him.?There always seems to be a plethora of Mr. Wrongs, but where is Mr. Right??

And how can someone hold on to Mr. Right, if they finally find him?

That’s where “The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right” comes in.?The book, written by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, has sold more than two million copies worldwide since its publication in 1995.

The two came up with the concept of the book after heartaches of their own. They explain the book as a simple set of behaviors and reactions that, when followed, serve to make most women irresistible to desirable men. ?

But are girls still following these old-fashioned rules, or have single women come into their own in the 21st Century?

Gin N., “The Rules” contact person for the Kentuckiana area, said she followed the rules herself, and they helped her catch her husband. Representatives from the organization are not allowed to reveal their full names.

“Overall, girls probably don’t follow these rules anymore,” Gin said.?”These are old-fashioned rules and principles of standard values that your grandmother probably lived by.”

But this doesn’t mean Gin doesn’t believe in “The Rules.”

“Nowadays, anything usually goes, but ‘The Rules’ are about simply respecting yourself and teaching you to guard your hearts so not to fall for someone too fast,” she said.

Richmond sophomore Lacy Luxon said that while not very many girls still follow “The Rules,” she does.

“I’m a little old-fashioned.?I don’t ever ask him out, I don’t ever pay and I think that he should always open my door,” Luxon said.?

Cadiz freshman Lindsey Holland does the opposite.

“I don’t follow any rules,” she said. “When I see a guy, I go after him and just see where it goes from there.?I never hide my feelings.”

For Gin, it was a matter of finding out which “Rules” worked best for her.

“I always used to reveal too much about myself too soon,” she said. “The book helped me to open myself up slowly and to slow down the pace.”

Henderson freshman Carlie Heath disagrees.

“I don’t really see any point in ‘The Rules,'” she said. “Nowadays, with the modern world that we live in, I just think that we as girls have changed over time… Just throw out ‘The Rules.'”

But Gin suggests that every girl read “The Rules” and try them.

“Women need to read this entire book, not just simply the top ten rules,” Gin explained. “Reading the book and its entirety will allow everyone to find out why these women say what they do.”

While some girls are willing to throw “The Rules” out the window, Gin believes every girl should live their lives by them.

“Basically, anytime you’re in a relationship, you need to set boundaries, and this book helps you to do just that,” she said. “Most guys like a challenge, let’s admit it.?This book allowed my relationship to grow and helped in setting guidelines.?He learns to respect you because of you.”

Louisville junior Katie Weber also follows “The Rules.”

“I still follow the rules,” she said.?”I always wait for the guy to ask me out and call me. But… I like to pay for dinner every now and then.”

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