Grow up, boys

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Last Thursday, I witnessed a saddening display of racial intolerance on campus. As an Indian student walked by a homogenous group of white “men”, a piece of trash was kicked at him. As he looked up for some sort of reason, a voice from the group admonished him to “Walk on, brother.” He did.

I’m not usually one to meddle in the business of others, but I had to ask. “Do you not like him or something?” I asked. “He’s a f—in’ towelhead” was the best response the group could muster. I asked if they even knew what country he was from, but they didn’t care, they said, “…since they wouldn’t be hanging out with him anyways.”

Though I know that not all members of Farm House are prone to acting on their racially intolerant urges (as not every dark-skinned foreigner is a terrorist), I suppose, by this group’s reasoning, it’s okay for for me to label them and kick this piece of trash at them. (I won’t be hanging out with them anyways.)

I don’t mean to stoop to their level, but such actions should be exposed and understood to be harmful to everyone (especially the instigators, for it damages their reputation and their organization’s reputation).

For those who have read this far, and still disagree, thinking, “I have the right to feel this way,” you’re right. You do. And others have the right to make judgments on your maturity level.

Brady Somerville


Bowling Green,KY

Senior CS/Math major