Magazines not so different after all

Anthony Hellmueller

With the national holiday of love flying like cupid’s arrow, many star-struck lovers are running to magazines for love advice and entertainment.

Cosmopolitan and Maxim have proven to be arch rivals in the “battle of the sexes.”

The truth is, they have quite a bit of similarities along with their differences.

To begin with, the magazines have the obvious trait that sets them apart. Cosmo is for women, while Maxim is for men.

What makes the publications stand out most are their racy topics.

Most subscribers say they read for entertainment purposes only. Bowling Green freshman Jackson Miller said that while the captions might say “advice,” they are more comical than anything.

As for helpful advice, women can consult “Cosmo” for “85 Hot Ways to Wow a Man.”

Men can get the upper edge through articles like “How Do You Measure Up?” and “Ask Dr. Maxim.”

“Chicks, gadgets and beer; it’s got it all,” Miller said of his favorite magazine.

Some women readers claim that, unlike men, they actually read the magazine instead of gazing endlessly at the pictorials.

Miller disagrees with this male stereotype.

“Believe it or not, Maxim has good articles,” he said.

Pictorials in the opposing manuals vary.

Cosmopolitan offers its readers a monthly picture of “Guy without His Shirt,” while Maxim offers no specific features to its readers.

But many of the women who grace the pages of Maxim seem to have lost their tops.

Maxim offers more than sexy stories and pictures. The men’s magazine features a full section on world affairs and men’s style.

While Cosmo does not go into the trials and tribulations of the world, it focuses on female fashion.

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