Iraq’s Fate

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I have tried to sit back and not say anything about the impending war in Iraq. Now, I feel that I have to open up and say something. The United States needs to back away and reconsider what they are about to do, because this war is only fueled by two things—Prejudices and Resentment due to the fact that the first Bush couldn’t contain Iraq.

Iraq used to be a beautiful country with an educational system that wold rival ours, and a great economy, but now after the US put sanctions on them, Iraq has nothing but broken dreams and a shattered economy.

I do not agree with the way Hussien runs his country, but that is not for me or for the US to decide. Thinking someone is wrong for not believing in Christian values or in democracy is no reason to bomb a place.

Please George, before you go and bomb an already devastated country, look into solving your own countries starving children, homeless vetrans, and an economy that is falling fast.