Sidewalk Graffiti

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I respect the fact that all Americans can have their own political views and have the right to express them through a guarantee of freedom of speech. What I don’t respect is the vague, catchy little phrases chalked all over our library and sidewalks. Some call it ‘speaking out.’ I call it tacky, temporary vandalism and cheesy graffiti. Campus activists of all creeds should stick to removable signs, leaflets, bulletin board postings, forums, rallies, etc. As a student here, that library and sidewalk belongs to me too. I don’t agree with some of the ideas behind those slogans, they do not represent me or my sentiments, and I don’t think they should be plastered up on facilities that I and many others in disagreement pay to use. Furthermore, it looks tacky. Vague, chalked slogans about peace, impeaching Pres. Bush, releasing Mumia, and ‘thinking outside the box’ isn’t the lasting impression first-time visitors to campus should have when they leave here.

Philip Campbell

Junior, Government major

Elizabethtown, KY