MLK Fallout

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I have been reading with interest the readers’ comments to Zak Cummins’s article, ” ‘Martin Luther’ King: Neither Saint nor Hero.” Many feel that attacking MLK is attacking the dignity of Black people. As one writer put it: Mr. Cummins has “used his voice to try and decimate the character of one of the few positive African-American role models we have” and “why not present a more positive message about an African American?” In order to dismiss Mr. Cummins’s article other writers have attacked the credibility of his main source which has links to Stormfront, because it “boasts the slogan ‘White Pride World Wide.’ “

I find it paradoxical that some readers are offended about criticism of a Black icon, but dismiss as bogus an organization having a slogan for “White Pride.” Are only non-Whites allowed to speak up for themselves? In addition to the letter writers’ hypocrisy, no one has refuted any part of Mr. Cummins’s article.

Another writer, an educator no less, states that one should look for website sources ending in .gov or .ed for a stamp of approval. I find it astonishing in this age of psychotic American foreign policy and retreating liberty that anyone would think those sources incorruptible.

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been a student, but I can see that the ratio of thinkers to rote learners in “higher education” hasn’t changed. Hang in there Zak!

Steve Singery

Louisville, Kentucky


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