Results of war may not be positive

Glorioso Shelly

American consumer culture is everywhere — from the brand name clothing we wear to the sweatshops in which it was made.

Politicians often use confusing terms about foreign policy. For example, “economic development” refers to factories that pay kids — usually girls — very small amounts of money to make things they will never be able to afford.

To “spread democracy” means to obey the commands of the United States and/or build factories where things will be made for American consumers.

And “a better life” denotes the United States’ ability to decrease mental capacity with hours of television sponsored by products most Iraqis can’t afford and to increase health risks associated with slapping a fast food restaurant on every corner in Baghdad.

Looking at the history of U.S. foreign policy, this is not an exaggeration. And by going to war with Iraq, we will do these things to Iraq.

It would be nice if President Bush was simply opening his heart to Iraq and giving its people the freedom of speech, the right to due process and the right to vote. But he’s not.

Building a shoe factory in Iraq would surely send jobs there, but in the process, the American shoe company’s production goes up, sales go up and profit goes up. All this while the Iraqi girls who work at the factory have finally saved enough money to buy safe water from the privately owned water company.

In the meantime, while lining up at the pumps for another 12 miles per gallon, Americans will be patting themselves on the back for liberating those poor people in Iraq from an oppressive dictator.

But where does all this oil come from? Take a guess. Oil extraction injures the freshly liberated people of Iraq by polluting their air, water and land.

It also fills the wallets of Bush’s cabinet. Vice President Dick Cheney received $9 million from a company that manufactures oil production and refinement equipment; and National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice is so deep in oil money that she had an oil tanker named after her as a thank you gift from a well-known oil company.

Going to war with Iraq will not solve any problems. Irresponsible consumerism, the invasion of countries, the killing of innocents and the making up of our own rules of war are some of the reasons some people hate America.

Why give them more reasons? We should respect the sovereignty of other nations and their people.

Shelly Glorioso is a sophomore philosophy, sociology and women’s studies major from Bowling Green.