Check Your Research

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As suggested by Mr. Cummins in the Feb.18 opinion “Student Objects to MLK Legacy” I checked out the web site he credited as reliable information. What I found shocked me, not only because of content, but because Mr. Cummins took all that was reported on the web site as gospel truth.

The web site provided as backing for Mr. Cummins’ views is not a very credible web site. The web site provided is supposedly supported by a group called the “Civil Rights Library”. Aside from not providing any type of contact information, they do not state a purpose for its creation, as most credible web sites do. As I continued to explore the web site, I realized why. It was not supported by a group, but rather by a man by the name of David Duke. A closer look revealed that David Duke is a white supremacist who is not only anti-African American, but also anti-Semitic.

Mr. Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and currently describes himself as an “activist for the rights of European Americans”. He further states on the web site provided by Mr. Cummins that “belief in racial equality is the modern scientific equivalent of believing the earth is flat.” and that the Holocaust was a hoax and never occurred.

My main concern is not Mr. Cummins views but rather the way he chose to support them. The lesson here: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. As a Junior, one would think that Mr. Cummins would have learned as much by now.

Clarissa Jackson

Senior, History Major