Dr. King

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I found it amusing to read the “Letter to the editor” by a young girl comparing how she is growing up to the way her father grew up in “rural Mississippi”. I myself am from Mississippi, and PRAY that someday it will be again like it was for her father. The racially segregated South was our country at it’s best. Crime was down…women could walk to their cars alone at night fearing NOTHING. Now, I am terrified to go anywhere alone because I live in a city that is 50% black…everyday I wonder if I will be raped, murdered, robbed, or all three. I myself will probably never live a day that I am not afraid of what a black person may do to me. I will never know what it is like to NOT be afraid to go into a McDonald’s alone. But I will do my best to make sure my children won’t have to live these same fears for the entirety of their lives. I hope that they will live a life free of fear and of blacks.

The girl that wrote about the difference in the racially segregated south and today’s integrated world said that much of her family ran away from the south to Detroit, etc., much like white families do today. They are running from their once beautiful homes to the countryside to get away from the once all white neighborhood that has become just another Africa. We see what has become of the “black flight” areas such as Detroit. Crime in Detroit is sky high…as is the black population. Streets are filthy, and even some black people are afraid to live there! So we can see what happens when blacks are accepted and let in to our nice towns…and it won’t happen forever! You will NOT make Dixie Africa the way you did Detroit, Michigan!

Jordan Blanche

Friend of the “evil racist”