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In regards to all the letters that defend Ms. Glorioso’s letter, I am once again reminded of how selective the memories are of leftists. While it probably will do no good, let’s review some facts shall we?

Glorioso says “we should respect the sovereignty of other nations and their people”. Funny, but we are on the verge of war with Iraq because they cannot follow such a simple idea. In 1990, Iraq didn’t respect the sovereignty of Kuwait. Iraq ravaged the small country, throwing newborn infants from their incubators to take (the incubators) back to Baghdad. Iraq also slaughtered countless Kuwaitis in the streets of the cities of Kuwait. It was at this point that America came to the defense of Kuwait. After easily defeating the Iraqis, a cease-fire was signed. Iraq agreed in their surrender to allow the no-fly zones, weapons inspectors, and agreed not to have an agenda of promoting/creating terrorism. Guess what… aircraft guarding the no-fly zone are fired at constantly, the inspectors were kicked out, and Iraq’s promoting terrorism. Captured Palestinian documents, foreign and domestic intelligence services, and Saddam’s blunt and open offering of reward money to the families of suicide bombers prove this. Once again, it is because Iraq’s overbearing leadership cannot play by the rules, that Iraq and its people are made to suffer. We have an obligation to hold Iraq accountable for its actions.

There’s also consideration for what Iraq has done to its own citizens. Iraq, much like Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s, has a real problem with respecting the basic rights of its own citizens. Iraqis cannot speak out against its own government, much like Ms Glorioso is doing with her government. If Hitler had kept his affairs in his own country and not invaded his neighbors, then under the philosophy of people like Ms Glorioso, there wouldn’t be any Jewish people left in Germany.

Finally, I’d like to address what makes up the bulk of Ms Glorioso’s commentary. She seems to put more of an anti-capitalism twist on the letter. I almost get the idea that she would be okay with it, if Communists were going to “liberate” Iraq. (There’s an oxymoron for you, liberating-Communists). Anyway, the commentary clearly shows a misleading, perverted view of capitalism, oil, and the Executive Branch.

Ms Glorioso makes the following points:

She states how the oil will pollute the land, air, and water of Iraq. If I recall right, the last time Iraqi oil did much real polluting wasn’t when it was being pumped from the ground, but when Saddam’s retreating troops set the oil pumps on fire as they retreated in 1991. If pumping oil was such a polluting task then why aren’t the oceans covered in oil, given how much oil is pumped from the ocean floor? I agree with the thoughts that it’s time we start making efficient fuels from corn, soybeans, etc, etc. However, I find it immensely hypocritical of people to put so much money, time, and thought in anti-oil campaigns, when they seem to put hardly any of those assets into finding alternatives.

She then goes on a tirade of how the Bush administration is supposedly a puppet for big oil. Funny, but what connections the Bush team has to oil is all legal. That’s more than can be said about the business dealings of the Clinton’s, their friends, and business partners. Of course, there’s always a double standard in every aspect with these people.

She also has an apparent problem with American businesses setting up shop in Iraq. Ms Glorioso, there’s a fast food restaurant around every corner here in America. Yet, nobody makes me go in them. Nobody makes me buy Coca-Cola. I’ve not had a soft drink since November and you will be happy to know, Coca Cola has not sent someone in my house in the middle of the night to take me away to my death! I think it is highly irresponsible for anyone to vilify businesses for opening up shop anywhere. I hope when the new Iraq is a reality that they do opt for an open market system and we have plenty of examples to offer Iraq of why.

While the likes of Ms Glorioso choose to back oppressive terrorist-loving leaders and oppressive economics, ideas that hold the various people of the world down; I will gladly take terrorist-condemning leaders and free-markets that allow for opportunity and freedom for the people of the world.

Clint Dockery, WKU Junior

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**(I realize I’m over the 250 word limit and I apologize. However, what I had to say was obviously way over 250 words)