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Dear Editor,

Firstly, I am proud of our Basketball teams for being good enough to be in the Sunbelt tournament. Secondly I know that western wants to hold the Sunbelt to show off the newly renovated Diddle and I proud that we can show off Diddle. But the thing that really pisses me off is the whole parking situation. I know that people coming to the game need somewhere to park, I am even agree with giving them the parking in Diddle at nights. But you have crossed the line when you talk about students not being allowed to park in the structure. That is the main parking source for “B” permits parking passes. Of course they said we could park down Kentucky Street and the parking lot off Campbell lane and they’ll run the shuttle back to campus for us. Well isn’t that just peachy of them. But why should I a student who lives here on campus, pays $65 for a parking pass and between 6 and 8 thousand dollars for tuition here a year, park some where else and walk back. I think that the people only paying $50 or so dollars and who are only here for the game should park on Campbell lane and ride the shuttle. Western didn’t even consider the fact that most women work off campus and come back to campus after it is dark, which means that a women has to walk by herself from her car parked god who knows where to her dorm in the dark. Know explain to me how the is safe for her. I though we were trying to avoid things like this on campus. So I guess my question is where do westerns loyalties lie? And the answer is definitely not with students who attend class and park on the hill everyday.

Alisha Brewer

Whitley City