Letter to the Editor

The following refers to Shelly Glorioso’s commentary titled “Results of war might not be positive,” which appeared in the Thursday, Feb. 6 edition of the Herald.

I am writing in regards to the piece of feminist, left-wing propaganda that ran in the Herald last week.

In the piece, the author laid out why she thought the United States is pressing for a conflict with Iraq.

There were many quotes that represent a misunderstanding of the Iraqi situation, starting with: “It would be nice if President Bush was simply… giving its people the freedom of speech, the right to due process, and the right to vote. But he’s not.”

In the last election in Iraq, Saddam Hussein won 100 percent of the vote. There is a reason for that — no other candidates are allowed to run. Those who speak out against him are tortured and executed.

It sounds to me like Bush is giving the Iraqi people — especially the mistreated women the writer supposedly cares about — rights that they don’t currently enjoy.

Another troubling quote read: “Going to war with Iraq will not solve any problems.” I suppose the satellite photos showing missile factories and Iraqi defectors telling us of mobile laboratories that make biological weapons are not enough to convince the writer that something needs to be done.

We have tried diplomacy with Saddam Hussein for the last ten years. It has gotten us nowhere.

The writer’s bashing of corporations and phony allegiance to equal rights may make her feel good about herself, but they are far removed from the real situation at hand.

We are dealing with a madman who has weapons that could destroy thousands.

Jason Stella

Shelbyville sophomore