Housing Consolidations

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Dear Editor:

I am writing to you to express my anger and frustration with the Housing Office here on campus. Two weeks ago my roommate decided to move in with a friend here in Poland Hall, leaving me with a private room. I had nothing to do with her decision; however, the Housing Office has notified me that they will be consolidating those of us who do not have a roommate and not paid for a private room. I believe this to be extremely unfair. I may possibly have to move out of the room I have inhabited since August. If we do not find another roommate by February 11, they will pair us up and we will flip a coin to see who moves into the other’s room. If we fail to go to the meeting, we will be forced to pay for a private room. Well, first of all it is not our fault our roommates are not here anymore. Why is it our responsibility to go to a meeting, find a roommate, and possibly move rooms? Second of all, it is not right that we may be forced out of our rooms to perhaps another floor with an RA we are not accustomed to. I realize I have not paid for a private room and I am not entitled to one, but don’t put it on me. If Housing wants to give me a roommate fine. But I refuse to move, I refuse to waste MY time at a meeting, and I am not going to be forced to pay for a private room!

Cassie Alfrejd


Hendersonville, TN