CAB scores with Nappy gig

Awnaw, hell naw. Nappy Roots is finally comin’.

Kudos to the Campus Activities Board for securing a deal to bring the Grammy-nominated and Western-based rap group back to the Hill. Nappy Roots’ scheduled show at Diddle Arena on Feb. 28 is a triumph for all involved.

*It’s another home run for CAB, following comedian Jim Breuer’s successful sell-out appearance last semester.

*It’s a score for Western students, who will welcome a high-profile musical act to campus for the first time in, well, a really long time.

*It’s a prime public-relations opportunity for Nappy Roots, who can save a little face after the cancellation of an April gig at the Corvette Amphitheater and the omission of Western from its recent Kentucky college tour.

*And the concert — which should attract fans from Louisville and Nashville — will showcase the continuing renovation of Diddle Arena.

Our only suggestion: CAB should offer a day or two of exclusive ticket sales to Western students before allowing non-students to make purchases.

Western students have anxiously awaited this concert for months. The first shot at tickets seems like a fair reward for their patience.

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 10-member board of student editors.