Greek Threats

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To the editor:

I am writing you to address the latest development of a group IDOL MINDS here at Western have decided to do. This Tuesday, Greek houses all over campus was greeted with hate mail posted on our doors. The literature contained accusations of declaring war on the Greek system. Referring to Greeks as a bunch spoiled kids living off daddy’s money, buying our friends. Submitting ourselves to stupid antics in order to be accepted. In my fraternity, Kappa Alpha Order, most of us work and are up to our ears in student loan debt. As for paying for my friends, it is simply not true. Operating a fraternity is exactly like running a business. I gladly pay dues in order for us to have such high-class things like electricity. Referring to Greek is useless is humorous considering Alumni of Greek organization here at WKU donate over 40% of money given. Personally, I am flattered that you consider us elite, because it is usually an elite group of people that stay here on the weekends and socialize. Having good social skills is vital to a successful life. I guess that is why Greeks are generally more successful that people that sit in their dorms and goes home on the weekends.

Allan Rodgers


Madisonville, KY